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Design, construction and assembling “Nuovo trasferitore blumi” for the TMP plant belonging to the company Lucchini Spa
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Revamping of the continual cast belonging to Lucchini Spa
Mechanic erection of plants and mills
Fabrication and erection of steel structures
Erection of: Continuous casting plants, kilns, coke plants, rolling mills, conveyer belt plants, pig   iron plants, steam boilers, alternators
Design and erection of gas holders
Design and erection of handing machineries for steel plants (CE certified)
Design and erection of steam piping and relevant ancillary parts
Maintenance and emergencies management for steam piping and ducts
Fabrication and erection of piping, including stress relieving treatment on site
Conditioning and repairs of large castings
CE certified design and fabrication
General craning up to 130 ton. Capacity and 108 m in height
Rental service for truck working platforms up to 45 m. in height
Rental service for suspended crane cabins up to 100 m. in height
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