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Design, construction and assembling “Nuovo trasferitore blumi” for the TMP plant belonging to the company Lucchini Spa
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Revamping of the continual cast belonging to Lucchini Spa
Mechanical Assembling of plants and production lines
Assembling of continual casts
Assembling of furnaces
assembling of converters
assembling of cookeries
assembling of laminated trains
assembling of laminators
assembling of conveyor belts
assembling of casting machinery
assembling of boilers
assembling of alternators
turnkey plant solutions
Plant revamping
General contracting and construction of structures
assembling of inox and carbon steel pipes construction
assembling of vapor ducts and plant outbuildings
Industrial plant and vapor duct maintenance
Scheduled and special maintenance of iron and steel plants and industrial plants, maintenance and on call intervention for vapor ducts relative construction.
Design and erection of gas holders
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