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Design, construction and assembling “Nuovo trasferitore blumi” for the TMP plant belonging to the company Lucchini Spa
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Revamping of the continual cast belonging to Lucchini Spa
COMIMP S.r.l is a company located in Central Italy which operated as COMEM from 1960 and renamed itself after 1986. The company operates in the following areas:
New Industrial Plant assembling
Turn key Plant delivery
Plant Revamping
Construction and assembling of structures
Piping ( construction and assembling) in carbon and inox steel
Crane Rentals up to 130 t for heights up to 106 m and open platforms up to 45 m
Design and Construction of lifting tools with the CE brand
Thermal kiln treatment for on site stress relieving treatment
Conditioning on large casting fusions
We operate mainly through “job orders” which include the activities of design, construction, setup, assistance through warranty, and various services such as ( plant maintenance, reconditioning).

Our business organization allows us to manage many orders at the same time while completely respecting our clients requests and working with the industry standards of quality, safety, and competitiveness.

Our Design and Technical office continually research and develop in compliance with the current regulatory laws in force, and to do so we have deployed 2 Engineers, who are both registered
members of the official engineers guild, and 2 technical designers. This team utilizes Autocad 2009; HP Design Jet 5000 Plotter – Scanner-Photocopier for the design work.

We are capable of managing and acting as the main contractor for important projects thanks to our management and our experience and the technical capabilities of our collaborators.

The quality of our products and services is guaranteed through the implementation of a Quality Certification under UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 and by the presence of qualified welders for carbon and inox steel who utilize TIG and electrode methods for every type of thickness and diameter.We utilize internal personnel to control the work by using a non destructive method (MT;PT) and we use external personnel the Rx testing.
Safety is an integral part of our company philosophy and management terms, which allows us to have a below standard frequency of injuries on the work site compared to the sector in which we operate.


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